quillFlames Of Eagle Book Club!

The Flames of Fire Eagles Book Club brings together Spiritually seeking and intellectually curious men and women on a monthly basis to share their thoughts, broaden their minds, learn, and grow as we discuss the book selected as that month’s “favorite read”. Join us!

If you wish to discuss your favorite piece in a casual, fun, and welcoming environment then Flames Of Eagle Book Club is the place for you.

Every once a month we choose a book that we would like to read as a group. During the other months, we simply meet to share what exciting pieces we’ve been reading with the group. A schedule will be listed on this page, bulletin church or emailed to the group.

Contact Our Church Administrative Lavivian R.

through email at iflamesoffireeaglem@gmail.com

for more information.


UNBREAKABLE teaches you that you don’t have to break down, but you can breakthrough! Through Experiential wisdom Dr. Owens gives you insight on how to survive the trauma and pain of your past in order for you to pursue purpose and destiny.

This book exposes truth about the spirit of homosexuality in a way that has never been displayed. Although Tyeesha’s story is uncut, she expresses how the worst part of her testimony was not that she was gay, abusive or confused about her sexual identity; the worst part to her is how no one knew how to approach her with biblical truth. This book is a great reference tool for… Anyone that’s a part of The LGBTQ community, A friend / relative of a homosexual, A parent whose child is confused about their sexual identity and for The body of Christ.