Our Apostle

Dr. Wanda Tommie


Apostle Wanda Tommie

Best known for her famous slogans

“”Ya’ll don’t wanna have no church!,” “We go’n have some church after while”, and “Let’s rock this house!”™ Apostle Wanda Tommie is the founder of World Harvest Eagle Ministries, based in Fort Pierce, Florida (1993). God has called her to Apostolic office and now she serves as Apostle of International Flames of Fire Eagle Ministries, Inc., established in March 2017. She also walks in the prophetic office with a tremendous anointing from the Lord.

She has proven to be a dynamic preacher, teacher, and evangelist with a dynamic Word- based ministry which manifests the evidence of signs and wonders. She has a Master’s Degree in Theology and also serves in the body of Christ as a Counselor.

She is an expert in the area of “spirit-ology” and ranks as a General in spiritual warfare. Dr. Wanda Tommie is a 21st Century Leader who has ministered to thousands of women through her testimony on “The spirit of rejection: Can you listen to another woman calling out your husband’s name?”.

Her ministry is such that it will cut to the heart of your life’s issues, and reveal by the Holy Spirit the way to healing and restoration.

She believes in exegeting the authoritative word of God by demonstration. Dr. Tommie is a dignitary in the area of leading God’s people in worship and strategic intercession . She is called to transition and shift people to their destiny. It is her desire to train and equip the Body of Christ to effectively touch the world with the truth of Jesus Christ.

Her covenant partners in ministry are her husband Shamy Tommie Sr. and their four children, August, Lavivian, Tammy and Shamy Jr..


Our Senior Pastors

Robert and Regina Donaldson


Pastor Robert Donaldson is the new anointed, visionary leader whom God has sent to lead International Flames of Fire Eagle Ministries, Inc. to the next level of success and achievement. Serving since 1999, under the direction of God and Apostle Wanda Tommie, Pastor Donaldson was found to be faithful and worthy to be ordained as new leadership in 2017. Pastor Donaldson is married to First Lady Regina Donaldson and they have four fabulous children: Shawn-trail, Robert Jr., Ezekiel, Jasmine. They are the proud grandparents of seven. God has blessed Pastor Donaldson with an amazing combination of diverse life experiences which has prepared him for his divine appointment at International Flames of Fire Eagle Ministries, Inc.

Pastor Donaldson is now servant and shepherd on the battlefield for the Lord where he was called to preach, prophecy and teach God’s people. He carries a fire anointing to awaken that which is dead in the lives of God’s people. His anointed preaching addresses the issues and problems of today and provides Biblical answers in a positive, uplifting way. Pastor Donaldson believes that family is vitally important to the house of God. One of his favorite scriptures to quote is Psalms 133:1- Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

They reside in Fort Pierce, FL.


First Lady Regina Donaldson


First Lady Regina Donaldson is a devoted wife to Pastor Robert Donaldson Sr., and a loving mother to Shawntrail, Robert Jr., Ezekiel, Jasmine.

Regina Donaldson epitomizes the virtuous woman mentioned in Proverbs 31. She is a constant source of love and support to Pastor Donaldson, and has committed herself to bringing her children up in the ways of the Lord. She is the leadership for Flames of Fire Eagles Women’s Ministry. Her humility, warmth and genuine love for God and people have led to her counseling and touching many lives.


Wilhelmina Lewis-Lyons, MD, Pastor of the Praise and Worship Ministry

Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there?” Wilhelmina Lewis-Lyons was created, called, and anointed to serve God by assisting people in the process of attaining healing and wholeness in both the spiritual and the natural realms. Under the leadership of Apostle Wanda Tommie and Pastor Robert Donaldson, she has been appointed Pastor of the Praise and Worship Ministry for International Flames of Fire Eagle Ministries. She understands that an encounter with God is the most significant and impactful experience anyone can have. When we seek the face of God, worship Him because of who He is, and praise Him for His multitude of blessings, we bring God joy and position ourselves to hear His heart. The Praise and Worship Team is charged with leading God’s people corporately into an atmosphere conducive for a move of the Holy Spirit. In this atmosphere the Word of God will be received and His people will have personal encounters during which salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration and refreshing can take place. Dr. Lewis- Lyons believes that Praise and Worship leaders function within five- fold ministry, as they utilize song to teach and prophesy God’s word and call hearts to repentance. They must also be persistent in prayer and intercession. She considers most important however, the charge to live a life submitted to Christ and seeks to please Him in all that she does, whether public or private. Dr. Lewis-Lyons is the gift of God for, and devoted wife of, Major (Ret.) Jeffery B. Lyons.

 Senior Pastor’s (VB)

John and Sherrie Zasadzinski

Vero Beach, Florida (Location)